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Every writing inspired by God is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction which is in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy - Chapter 3:16-17)
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Ajay JiNamaskar!It seems that you claim to be an asthavaan in Sadguru Yeshu Ji Maharaj, but in the same btearh you write: a bit long-winded and flattering, but nevertheless thank you! : – this is Christ’s saying in the Holy Bible – . Is it the type of saying and language used by Jesus Ji and you are supposed to write in case you claime to be a follower of Yeshu Ji Maharaj/Jesus Ji?Please! don't take it otherwise, as all the sacred books of this world are not monopoly of any individual and at the same time cannot be abused to pass judgments upon failure of people groups accusing their culture and traditions. Atmik journey is aloof to culture and petty issues. Every human being is invited to moksha-path through truth, non-violence and agape-Love.Our Hindu scriptures are pointing towards OM (sabad) the redeemer and creator of universe.Jews National pride and geneologies has no relevance with atmik yatra of Indians. We have our own rich culture, ancient scriptures and civilisation equivalewnt to Old testament, but pointing towards the same truth contained in New testament.Let us trace some meeting point to form a Globe of Love and Peace.Hindus are Hindus and westerns are westerns, but they are trying to impose their culture on Hindus, finding critical, superstitious and contradictory material from Hindu scriptures. Every Hindu believe that their is lies lot of irrelevent material in old-sacred scriptures, but old testament is not devoid of the same. at many points Maharishis of new testament have rejected and reversed the verses of old testament, Hindus are also learning the same rather striving very hard, unfortunately at social reform level, but now picking up untoed strands at Atmik level as well.May God Almighty leads us in New Year and decade with to new level of understanding but judging.

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